Frequently asked questions regarding buying a home in Estepona, Marbella and prime Costa del Sol locations

This free guide is designed to help you learn more about the process of purchasing property in Estepona, Marbella and prime Costa del Sol locations. Whether you're considering buying new build or resale property, we want this information to be straightforward and easy for anyone interested in real estate on the Costa del Sol.

We´ve done our best to answer the most common questions that we get asked by clients and have also included Pro Tips to make sure your experience is as good as possible when buying a property in Costa del Sol - if there's anything else you need, just ask!

Real Estate Terminology for buyers in Estepona, Marbella and prime Costa del Sol locations:

A reservation document is an option to purchase contract in which the buyers commit themselves to acquire a particular property and the vendor to sell that particular property.  In this contract the general conditions of the purchase are drafted and it can be used for the purchase of a resale property or a new build home.  The primary function of the reservation contract is to set the basis of a property purchase and take the property off the market, so that no other person can purchase the same unit.

Any reservation contract will last a determined amount of time, in Andalucía, it is usually for a period of two or three weeks or until both parties involved sign a Contrato de Arras Penitenciales (Private purchase contract).  In certain occasions both buyers and vendors agree to go from signing of the reservation contract directly to singing of the title deeds, in these particular cases, the reservation document lasts until completion at notary.

On the Costa del Sol, it is standard that the reservation is accompanied with earnest money and the amount is normally of €6.000, which is normally held by the estate agent or the buyers´ solicitor and is not transferred to the vendor or their solicitor until the due diligence is carried.  Once all the necessary verifications have taken place by the buyers or their solicitor, the buyers will allow transferring this deposit to the vendors or their solicitor´s escrow account, the next step of the purchase is normally to sign a private purchase contract.

Pro Tip:  On the Costa del Sol for the reservation contract to be valid it has to be accompanied with a deposit payment.  If the deposit has been paid and the buyers decide not to continue with the purchase, the deposit will become non-refundable.  It will only be refundable in the event of a legal problem with the property that makes the transaction impossible.  On the other hand, if the vendor has received the funds and decides not to continue with the purchase, they would have to pay double the amount received to the buyers.

Offer contingencies in a reservation document are clauses presented to the vendor with an offer with the intention to protect the buyer and their earnest money deposit in case of not being able to purchase the property as they originally intended, as it allow a buyer to dissolve a reservation document, if the contingencies included in the contract are not met. 

These contingencies are normally negotiated before the signing of the reservation document and payment of a reservation deposit. These special clauses have to be agreed by the vendor and included in the reservation contract to be valid.  

The most typical contingencies on a Costa del Sol property purchase are:

- Subject to obtaining a satisfactory mortgage by the purchaser.
- Subject to property valuation.
- Subject to the property being sold fully furnished.
- Subject to satisfactory house inspection.
- Subject to viewing (some buyers reserve a property prior to their visit to the Costa del Sol).
- Subject to being able to extend the property or carry the reforms discussed during the visit.

Pro Tip:  A date maximum date for any contingency will be normally required by the vendor to be included the reservation contract.  If purchasing with a mortgage, we suggest presenting the documentation to any bank or financial advisor to obtain a mortgage offer prior to visiting properties.

An earnest money deposit, also known as a “good faith deposit” is the amount of funds a buyer is requested to put down once a seller accepts the buyer´s offer. This money is paid for two reasons, the first one is to show the vendor that the buyer is serious about starting the purchase process and the second reason is to take the property “off the market”, so no other buyer can present an offer to the vendor.

On the Costa del Sol, the earnest money deposit is generally €6.000, however, this amount can vary, and sometimes it can be as little as €3.000 and other times €10.000, depending on the price of the property and what is agreed with the vendor.

A due diligence on the Costa del Sol property is a process of documental verification to assure the buyer that the purchase is safe and it normally begins after the reservation contract has been signed by buyers and vendors. The due diligence is normally carried by the buyer´s solicitor and varies slightly if the buyer is purchasing a resale home (second hand home) or a new build property (or brand new home).

On resale properties the due diligence includes:

- Verification of the legal identity of the owner of the property the client is purchasing.
- Confirmation that the property is legally registered at the Spanish Land Registry.
- Corroboration that the property is sold free from charges (such as: mortgages, liens and encumbrances, etc.).
- Verification that the property has been granted municipal building permit and habitation license and respect the urban planning regulations.
- Preparation of any type of purchase contract to execute the purchase (private purchase contract, public deeds, etc.).

On new build properties the due diligence includes:

It includes all of the above, plus:

- Verification that the building or quality specifications are made available and are included in the annex of the purchase agreement.
- Confirmation that the Bank Guarantee or Insurance Policy are in place for all the amounts paid to the developer during the construction period.
- Corroboration and verification of the of the mandatory 10 year insurance guarantee (Seguro Decenal) that will provide coverage for any structural defects on the property.

A PPC is the abbreviation of Private Purchase Contract (Contrato Privado de Compraventa in Spanish), which is similar to an exchange of contracts in other countries and it holds the same legal implications.

Once the due diligence has been completed on the property, normally within a 2 or 3 weeks period and providing that everything within the documentation of the property is in order, both the buyer´s and vendor´s solicitors will draft the PPC, setting in writing in a more specified manner the terms and conditions outlined during the reservation contract, including price previously agreed with the vendors, completion date and all aspects related to the purchase, for instance, on a resale property to annex to the contract the inventory if the property is sold fully furnished or annex to the contract the quality specifications if the client is purchasing a new build property.

At the signing of the Private Purchase contract, it is it is customary for the buyer to pay to the owner an amount equivalent to 10% of the purchase price (minus the paid holding deposit) in the case of resale property and an amount between 20% to 30% of the purchase price in the case of off-plan properties (minus the paid holding deposit) paid to the developer.

An MLS is the abbreviation of for Multiple Listing Service and it is a database system that allows real estate agents within a certain area to share their properties, both available for rent and sale with other agents, so that they can organize viewings together and be able to sell or rent properties through this system, at no extra cost for the client. This system is great as it allows estate agents to work together toward a common goal of helping buyers find their desired properties and helping sellers sell their properties.

Clients dealing with an estate agent that works with an MLS can benefit greatly from this service, as it allows them to have one point of contact to access all properties available for sale or rent on the market and it greatly assist vendors by giving a much higher exposure to their property, hence a higher change of obtaining an offer.

An IBI is the short term used in Spain to define the Impuerto sobre Bienes Inmuebles, which is a municipal tax equivalent to the council tax in the United Kingdom or the taxe foncière in France.

When a buyer becomes owner of a property in Spain, they are liable to pay the IBI, regardless of whether they are a resident or non-resident in Spain. This tax is either paid to the town hall or the Patronato de Recaudación de Málaga (the Provincial Revenue Board of Málaga).
The IBI tax is paid yearly; however, different town halls on the Costa del Sol offer different payment structures, normally this tax is allowed to be paid in two payments during a year. Special tax reductions are given to owners who pay this tax in within the voluntary payment period and through direct debit. On the other hand, a delay in the payment of the IBI will lead to having to pay fines or penalties with interest.

Pro Tip:  We recommend requesting the solicitor to direct debit all taxes and community fees (when applicable) to the client´s Spanish bank account as soon as you completed on the property. If a property owner on the Costa del Sol, did not use a solicitor to complete, we recommend booking an appointment with the town hall where the property is located and find out the exact date for voluntary payment of the IBI Tax, as well as request information on the different payment structures and discounts the town hall may apply for early payments.

A NIE is the abbreviation of the term Número de Identificación del Extranjero (Foreigner Identification Number), which is a document issued by the National Police in Spain or all Spanish Consulates around the world to all foreigner nationals who live or visit the country to be able to carry any administrative and/or legal procedures in Spain.

Foreigners with a NIE number will be allow to carry the following transactions:

- Purchase or sell any type of property.
- Purchase or sell any type of vehicle.
- Gain access to the Social Security system.
- Gain access to the Spanish public health system.
- Being able to contract service such as: water, electricity, gas, internet, etc.
- Being able to create a company or work in a company.
- Being able to pay any taxes.

If a person is a non-resident in Spain (lives in Spain for less than 182 days a year in the country) but owns a Spanish property, the person is liable to pay the Spanish Non-resident Income Tax.

If the non-resident property owner does not rent their home, the Spanish tax office will assume that the owner has what is called a “Deemed Rental Income” which is subject to pay Non-resident Income Tax. This is calculated by applying 1.1% of the Cadastral value of the property (it can be found on the IBI receipt and is usually lower than the price reflected on the title deeds), on this base amount the rate of 19% is applied for European Union Citizens and a 24% for the non-European Union Citizens.

If the non-resident property owner does rent the property out, rate applicable is based on the net rent obtained, which 19% is applied for European Union Citizens and a 24% for the non-European Union Citizens.

Pro Tip:  European Union citizens can deduct the expenses incurred during the period the property was rented out, some of these include: services such as water and electricity, community fees, home insurance, council tax, waste collection tax, maintenance costs, cleaning services, mortgage interests, estate agent´s fees, solicitor´s or accountant´s fees for dealing with the income tax returns, as well as a 3% annual building depreciation.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding property searches in Estepona, Marbella and prime Costa del Sol locations:

The first step into purchasing a property on the Costa del Sol is setting up a budget and obtaining a pre-approved mortgage offer (if required) from bank or financial advisor will lead the buyer into the right direction.

Pro Tip:  Don’t forget to add the purchase costs when calculating a budget or requesting a mortgage offer, which for a Costa del Sol property can be between 10% and 15%, depending on the property type, resale or new build, if the purchase is done with or without a mortgage and if the buyer will or will not use a solicitor.

When searching for a home to purchase on the Costa del Sol we strongly recommend using one estate agent.

The best estate agents will access to everything that is available for sale on the Costa del Sol´s real estate market, including other agent listings (through the different multiple listing services platforms), off-plan properties from developers, banks, private sales and even those properties not officially on the market at no extra cost for the buyer.

The most reputable real estate companies will collaborate between them and when a client chooses to work with one company, the real estate agent they have chosen becomes the buyer´s agent, while the other real estate agents are the listing agents.

Another great advantage of using only one estate agent for finding the perfect home is the amount of time an agency like Sur Estates is willing to invest on the client to help them find the perfect property for them. This is our priority and as a company we are in the real estate business to establish long-lasting, profitable, and valuable relationships with all of our clients.

Our approach as the buyer´s agent includes:

- Listening and understanding the criteria given by the client.
- Search as deep as possible through our listings and network of contacts the closest options according to the given requirements.
- Review listings the client might have found from other agents and obtain real first-hand information about them, including any negative aspect a property may have.
- Answer any questions regarding any particular property; obtain extra pictures if required or floor plans when available.
- Organize appointments around the client´s schedule, including other agent´s listings, as many as needed and as long as required.
- Organize contacts with banks, financial advisors and/or solicitors, prior or after the visits if required.
- Assistance with hotel bookings, car rentals or anything related to the client´s stay on the Costa del Sol.
- Appoint a property consultant from the very beginning with at least 15 year´s real estate experience, that has seen the properties and knows inside out the areas the client is interested in.

Some other advantages are:

- One point of contact for all your property viewings.
- No extra cost for the client, it´s free, as the fees are paid by vendors and shared with other agents.
- Not getting bombarded with emails or phone calls from different agents offering the same or similar properties.
- Save time, we always learn what will or not work for the client and won´t carry unnecessary viewings.
- Total commitment from our behalf to the client.
- Obtain one of the best after-sales services on the Costa del Sol free of charge.

It really depends on several factors, such as property type, location and budget, amongst many other requirements, but ultimately it is up to the buyer to decide.

Off-plan properties have a lot of incredible features to offer, but having to wait for delivery may be an issue for certain clients. On the other hand, certain resale properties are situated in very unique locations and over the years have become very established complexes, but on certain occasions, they might need some kind of work.

The best strategy is not to close the door to any options, have an open mind in regards to visiting different property types, off-plan, key-ready and resale properties.
Experience tells us that the most important question is which property, regardless if it’s a new home or a resale property, best meets the family´s requirements, always taking into account the lifestyle every family member is after, rather than how long it will take us to use it.

When clients decide to home search on the Costa del Sol, normally they are familiar with different areas, have visited different coastal town, have spent a few holidays here and even may have their favourite area where they would love to own a home.

On the other hand in the last twenty years or so, the internet has evolved a lot and these days it is easier to find online information, compare property prices, learn more about the areas a person is interest in, so the job of learning about the real estate market on the Costa del Sol has become much easier, than the early days of the internet.

Regardless of whether a perspective buyer has visited the Costa del Sol several times or has been living here for several years and knows the areas perfectly, we always suggest setting a side at least three full days for viewings and the fourth day to review the shortlisted options. A fifth day is always recommended for those clients that would like to speak to a financial advisor, a bank, solicitors or give power of attorney to them.

Between three and five days, it is more than enough time for a person to learn about what the Costa del Sol real estate market is like and to be able to make a decision to purchase a property.

It depends on whether the buyer is a fiscal or non-fiscal resident in Spain. The down payments to purchase a property on the Costa del Sol are as follows:

- Fiscal resident in Spain: At least 20% in savings for the property, around 15% for buying costs, 80% on mortgage, so at least 35% of property price to be able to purchase.

- Non-fiscal resident in Spain from EU: At least 30% in savings for the property, around 15% for buying costs, 70% on mortgage, so at least 45% of property price to be able to purchase.

- Non-fiscal resident in Spain from outside the EU: At least 40% in savings for the property, around 15% for buying costs, 60% on mortgage, so at least 55% of property price to be able to purchase.

Pro Tip:  Always speak to a bank or financial advisor, prior to visiting properties. This will save clients time, will let them know if they qualify for a mortgage, as well as learn their borrowing capacity and conditions of the mortgage.

Since the early days of property portal advertising, clients sometimes found the same property published at different prices. This issue has however increased a lot over the recent years. While at the beginning if the same property was found at a lower price, it was most probably due to the fact that on one advertisement the property price was updated and on the other wasn’t, normally with a small price difference. These days, however, it has become very common to find properties advertised at different prices.

The reason for this phenomenon is due to the lack of regulation on fake advertising over the internet from property portals when it comes to real estate advertising (although property portals recommend to report this practice) and the how unscrupulous a minority of estate agents are.

Agents with short vision and no values will place adds at a lower with sole purpose to receive enquiries for that particular property, as anyone would contact the estate agent who has the advertisement with the lowest price first.

Although this issue happens with both resale properties and off-plan properties, the way certain estate agents manage to get away with this dishonest practice is to inform the client that the property has been reserved or sold and offer something else, with the sole purpose of making contact with a client and send them other options, until the client books an appointment with them.

Pro Tip:  Avoid dealing with any real estate company that offers properties advertised at lower price or in the wrong location. If you find a large price different between one advert and the other, ask the agents to send you an updated price list, this way you will see which agent you can trust and which one you cannot. Never sign any reservation document or make any reservation payment without confirming that the property details are correct and always request a video tour of the property first.

The best way to find a fake advert is to compare that particular listing which normally sounds too good to be true, when compared with other adverts in a similar area, for instance the price difference between a fake advert and a real one is too large to be realistic. Normally fake property adverts have the same picture as the real advertised listing on the internet and may even include higher specs, more bedrooms that the real advert or be located in a more appealing location that the real advert. Most of the time fake adverts will have lower resolution images or the images would come from stock taken somewhere else, hence, clients will notice this difference.

Pro Tip:  Fake property advertising is getting more sophisticated and difficult to identify. If a client is not sure if the advert is real or fake, you can send us a copy of the URL of the property by email to or contact us on +34 951 50 72 32, we are happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions regarding property viewings in Estepona, Marbella and prime Costa del Sol locations:

Property viewings are great opportunities to gather valuable information that you wouldn’t otherwise obtain when searching properties online.

You need to ensure you make the most of your time when visiting homes, so we’ve put together the top ten tips to a viewing a property:

1) Arrive promptly so that you have enough time to view the property at your own pace.

2) Follow an order to view each area of the property, so that the layout is understood correctly.

3) Take into account the taxes and running costs of the property, as well as the costs of any possible minor jobs, if required.

4) Ask if it’s possible to take pictures or a video and do so if you like the property, it will refresh your ideas when reconsidering the pros and cons of the home, it will also help when comparing it with other options you might have viewed.

5) Don’t be afraid to open wardrobes, try the water pressure, switch on lights, or any appliances the property has to offer.

6) Look beyond the furniture and its layout, you can always replace it with your own personal touch. Remember that if the property is sold unfurnished that the spaces normally look smaller.

7) Consider the access to the garage, storage room, communal areas or garden, as well as to the property.

8) Don’t be afraid to ask the vendor or estate agent questions such as why they are selling, how long the property has been on the market, etc. to learn more about the property.

9) View the property a second or even third time, at different times of the day to learn how bright it is, to find out if the neighbourhood is noisy, etc.

10) Don’t just focus on the property, also consider the neighbourhood, if the house you are interested in is located within a community of owners, make sure you request the minutes of the community meetings and finally check which kind of services are available close by and if these meet the lifestyle you are after.

Yes, we offer live interactive property tours on all our off-plan and new build property as well as on some of ours resale listings, which allow an interactive viewing experience with one of our agents.  You will be able to visit the property at your own pace, whilst informing you of the features of the property and answering questions you may have directly with the developer or vendor.  Please contact our Customer Service department on +34 951 50 72 32 or with the reference number of the property you would like to visit.

Resale property viewings tend to last around 20 to 30 minutes for the inside part of a property and another 10 minutes for outside or communal areas. Off-plan properties or new builds tend to last a bit longer, as there is a whole explanation of the complex which normally lasts between 30 and 40 minutes, plus the visit to the show home or plot where the development is taking place, so around an hour.
Second property viewings to either resale or off-plan properties take normally up to an hour to take place, but it is normal that they take longer, as clients normally want to take videos an clarify any possible questions on site, before being in a position to put forward and offer or reserve a unit.

Pro Tip:  Interactive virtual property viewings, take as long as a face-to-face property viewing. In the end clients are in control, so the best practice is always to inform the estate agent how much time the client has at their disposal to organize the appointments in the best possible way.

When comparing face-to-face property viewings to interactive virtual viewings, generally speaking, clients prefer physical over virtual viewings, however, there are plenty of scenarios where using both type of property viewings become a great formula to find a dream home.

Interactive virtual viewings allow clients to visit a property from the comfort of their home or office without having to move, which is great if a client wishes to purchase an overseas property and can´t travel.

For instance, when purchasing an off-plan or new build property, many developers on the Costa del Sol, will allow reserving a property and taking off the market, after an interactive virtual tour has taken place, subject to the client physically visiting the complex and confirming the purchase. This great option is very popular amongst our clients as it allows them not to miss out on their dreamed home and safeguard the deposit paid, should they not wish to continue with the purchase.

Another scenario where using both face-to-face property viewings and interactive virtual viewings work extremely is, for instance, when a client has physically visited a property without putting forward, for whatever reason and returns home. All the sudden the clients are in a position where they could put forward an offer, but would like to see again to make sure it is the perfect match for them. In such cases, interactive virtual viewings are the ideal solution to clear any possible questions and to be able to view the property again, before putting forward an offer.

Yes. Airport pick-ups are available for those clients who are committed to carry property viewings with our company or choose to book a Viewing Trip and are free of charge.  For further information, please contact our Customer Service team.

Our personalised viewing trips are designed to offer the best home searching experience on the Costa del Sol, by making them flexible, simple and enjoyable.

Unlike other companies on the Costa del Sol, we do not require a minimum amount of properties to be viewed each day or we do not offer special incentives such as subsidized flights or hotel accommodation if you purchase, neither clients have to comply with any “special conditions” within the viewing trip to gain a benefit.

At Sur Estates, we believe there is a better way to do real estate. We deliver a more focused, service oriented approach, where customers are earned by giving a customer experience second to none, rather than bought.

When a customer chooses to carry a viewing trip with Sur Estates, they will benefit from:

- Assistance with booking flights, accommodation, car hire or even tips on local restaurants if they require so; we will give them the best advice on locations, hotels, airlines or car hire companies, and assist them with the bookings, free of charge.

- Our property consultant will organize a viewing schedule solely depending on the time the client wants to set aside viewing properties, but will be focusing solely on that particular client during their viewing trip, so should the client require to view more options, amend viewings, visit some properties again or anything related to a property purchase, our local expert is there exclusively for them.

- If customers wish to be picked up or dropped-off at the airport and they have booked several days viewing properties with our company, we will offer this service free of charge, regardless of whether they purchase a property or not.
- When viewing properties, we can incorporate viewings with other agents, developers or even banks and will only show clients properties that match their criteria and the customer will always know in advance what they are going to be visiting.

- Viewings will be scheduled at the pace desired by the client. Some customers prefer to be viewing properties only in the morning, others just in the afternoon, some just have very few days to view so they wish to visit as many properties as possible, non-stop. Some clients require a few days to take a decision; others require coming back on a second trip before purchasing their dream home. Our approach is to be flexible and accommodate ourselves to the client´s needs, regardless of what these might be.

- Our viewings are not just focused on properties; certain clients prefer to lean about the area first, and then focus of finding their dream home at a second stage, we are flexible and can organize everything according to the client´s requirements. In certain occasions, when clients want to completely relocate we can also assist them with choosing schooling options for their children, booking appointments with the schools, etc.

- Before the client´s arrival a full planning for their viewing trip will be organized by both clients and their property specialist, so that everyone involved will know what will be seen and how long it will take. Certain clients prefer to visit a solicitor, a bank or financial advisor before they start looking at properties, we can organize free consultations with different companies, prior to the client´s arrival and once here we can take them to meet independently from us who they choose to see, the decision always comes from the client.

- It is typical that at the end of a viewing trip, clients want to learn how they will furnish their future home; we are able to accompany our customers to different shops, to meet interior designers to discuss their furniture requirements, this is all part of our unique after-sales service.

Our vision is to put clients in a position to make properly informed decisions when purchasing their dream home and make sure that their project of purchasing a property on the Costa del Sol is always on the right side of any cost/benefit equation.

Pro Tip:  If clients wish to book a Viewing Trip with Sur Estates, we always recommend to plan at least a four day trip, so that during the first days, we can view all selected properties, refine the search if necessary, revisit those properties clients wish to see again and have enough time to be able to meet solicitors, banks and financial advisors if so is required, but we are able to organize viewing trips that last as little as 24 hours, the decision is yours.

Yes, this is a common practice for us. More and more clients prefer to be dealing with just one estate agent for their buying journey. We can organize their property viewings and will book other properties they find on the internet on their behalf, rather than having to contact all the different estate agents themselves.

As this is a free of charge service, on the Costa del Sol this happens frequently. Serious and reputable real estate agents will have access to everything that is available on the market. Rather than having real estate companies competing for the client, estate agents will collaborate and share the fees paid by the vendors in case of a successful sale.

The home buying process can be challenging, even for highly experienced buyers, but we are here to support our buyers in every step of the purchase process and make it as smooth as possible, from the very first viewing, all the way to completion and many years down the line, if the buyers decide to rent or sell their properties. This is the reason why we have established long lasting relationships with our clients (many for more than 20 years) and all of them can contact us on our mobile numbers any day of the year should any issue arise with their Costa del Sol home.

Choosing between purchasing a resale property or new build can be difficult. The benefits to each are quite different, so it is important to know what you are looking for in your home before deciding which option is right for you.

Previously owned homes offer a number of benefits, including the opportunity to see exactly what you are purchasing. Buying a resale home also makes it possible to find your perfect location and make some improvements or updates that may not be available with new build construction. Plus purchasing someone else's property means there might be an option to negotiate on price.

New build homes offer a lot of advantages that are appealing to buyers. For example, new build come with higher building qualities and specifications than resale properties; with off-plan properties buyers have the possibility to customize their home exactly how they want it, as they offer more choices like finishes or layout before construction begins. The amenities and services offered in these newer developments can be better too. Running maintenance costs on pre-owned residences are normally higher than on brand new properties, as these are built with higher energy ratings. New developments offer more amenities and services, than older properties. Lastly - many people prefer contemporary styled designs as opposed to traditional ones.

It is important to choose the right property type, because of the many practicalities and differences involved in both resale and new builds. The key difference between a new build home and resale is that an existing property will likely be cheaper than a newly constructed one – but it doesn't mean one would always prefer this choice. They each have their own plusses. If you are unsure about which way to go on your next home purchase then contact Sur Estates today on +34 951 50 72 32 so that we can help you make the decision that best suits your individual tastes and lifestyle needs.

Browse our website to find the property that suits you or contact us with your requirements and we will send you a selection. To arrange a viewing, you can contact us via our phone number +34 951 50 72 32 or email: or through the web contact form. Feel free to get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions regarding areas on the Costa del Sol:

Often clients wonder, which are the most popular destinations to purchase property on the Costa del Sol and why? Our team has come up with a list of the 10 most popular areas to purchase property on the Costal del Sol and the reason why our clients have chosen that particular area:

1) Estepona:  There are several reasons why Estepona has reached the number one position to the most popular destination to purchase property on the Costa del Sol over the recent years. Whilst in certain aspects Estepona maintain that authentic Andalusian charm, it has also evolved into a modern city in terms of services, infrastructure and housing. Estepona is the city of the Costa del Sol, where clients can purchase the highest number off-plan and new build properties in the region, over 60 new builds have been constructed in the area over the last couple of years. Both developers and buyers have been attracted by its authenticity, cleanness, the services offered, the family oriented type of tourism and relatively affordable prices. Estepona is a city that offers something special to every house buyer, from luxury new builds in the town centre, to amazing villas close to town. From affordable new builds that are the perfect holiday home, to the most exclusive beachfront complex the Costa del Sol has to offer. But purchasing in Estepona is not just about property prices or the quality of construction, this city offers much more to its visitors. The old town of Estepona is filled with amazing restaurants offering both local and international cuisine with excellent value for money, this town is also known for being the El Jardín de la Costa del Sol (the Garden of the Costa del Sol) for its streets filled with wonderful plants, there are great open-air sculptures and a wonderful artistic murals route made by renowned artists, a new promenade, as well as wonderful Sierra Bermeja mountain, which offers great hiking trails and stunning views of the Mediterranean and African coast. There are great beach bars all along its coast and very established golf courses within minutes from the town centre. Whether clients are looking for a tranquil setting, a central location, to be close to Marbella, to live year-round or to escape from any major European city, Estepona has to cater everyone´s needs.

2) Marbella:  Marbella since the early 1960s has been known to be the playground for the rich and famous. For many, Marbella is still the pearl of the Costa del Sol and this city still manages to be the most known city of the Costa del Sol, as well as one of the most popular ones to purchase property due several reasons, including its chic establishments, wonderful climate and great urban areas like the Old town, Puerto Banús and The Golden Mile. In Marbella buyers also enjoy the diversity of neighbourhoods this city has to offer from the ultimate luxury areas to the most relaxed atmospheres, from popular areas like Cabopino port and Elviria on the east side of Marbella, passing through areas like Los Altos de los Monteros which offer seclusion and amazing sea views, to Bahía de Marbella which boasts some of the best sandy beaches on the Costa del Sol, to the western part of Marbella with areas like Guadalmina Baja and Guadalmina Alta, which offer a great location for any property buyer and golf lovers.

3) Benahavís:  Although Benahavís is not a Coastal town, it is one of the one of the most sought-after destinations of the Costa del Sol as it boasts some of the most amazing urbanizations not just in Spain but also in Europe. Benahavís, a white-washed village with narrow streets is also known for being the gastronomic capital of the Costa del Sol and although it is a developed town, it managed to retain its beautiful nature. Ideally located between Marbella and Estepona, we find some of the best golf courses on the coast as well as some of the most renowned urbanizations like La Zagaleta, Los Flamingos, La Quinta, Los Arqueros, El Madroñal, Marbella Club Resort amongst many other luxury complexes.

4) Sotogrande:  When taking a cursory glance at the region, it is not hard to see why Sotogrande has grown in popularity. In this exclusive residential area, buyers will find that homes are private and designed to promote an eco-friendly environment with sustainability as a primary core value. The resort-style living offered by La Reserva and Valderrama also bring residents the prospect of facilities such as tennis courts, golf courses, swimming pools, spa treatments and high-end retail stores providing that sense of exclusivity synonymous with being part of a world recognized destination. The Marina of Sotogrande is one of the most beautiful in Spain and families find some of the most exclusive schools in Spain for their children. All of this, make Sotogrande the ideal place to live all year around.

5) La Cala de Mijas:  La Cala de Mijas has become a very popular destination due to several factors, including its close distance to the airport and a series on wonderful off-plan developments currently understand construction and new build properties available for sale, within close distance to La Cala. Buyers in this area also can take advantage to its proximity to La Cala Golf Resort, which boasts 3 fantastic 18-hole courses and its proximity to the town of Fuengirola.

6) Benálmadena:  One of the many reasons why Benálmadena is one of the most popular destinations on the Costa del Sol is for having areas like like El Higuerón, Benálmadena Pueblo or its wonderful marina which offer wonderful services within the area, stunning sea views and close proximity to the world-famous marina and Malaga airport. In this area we find a series of contemporary residential new developments offering its residents the possibility to live a very high quality of life with a great range of wellness facilities, sports facilities, all sorts of services, amazing bars and restaurants as well as areas to be able work remotely, make it the ideal destination for expats to live and work in the area throughout the year. Areas are very popular

7) Manilva:  For more than two decades Manilva has been a popular destination to purchase property due to its charming Puerto de La Duquesa, wonderful sandy beaches and excellent value for money property market. In areas like Punta Paloma and La Chullera, as well as around La Duquesa Golf buyers can find all types of villas with amazing sea views and tranquillity which represent excellent value for money. For those clients wishing to purchase a holiday apartment within short-walking distance to La Duquesa Port, the area of El Castillo (The Castle) or the promenade of Sabinillas they can search in the hills behind this area, especially towards the area of Doña Julia Golf, La Duquesa Golf or Los Hidalgos.

8) Mijas Costa:  Since the early days of international tourism Mijas Costa has been a popular area to purchase property due to its proximity to the airport and wonderful value for money properties. Most international buyers in this area come from the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. Sitio de Calahonda and Riviera del Sol, two large urban areas located at the westernmost point of Mijas Costa, together with Miraflores are very popular as they provide everything a holiday maker would desire, lovely golf courses, close distance to the beach and great commercial areas with international bars, restaurants and all types of services.

9) Casares:  Casares is a popular destination to purchase property for several reasons, the area close to the sea known as Casares Costa boasts excellent properties with spacious outdoor areas, the road to Casares Pueblo, Sierra Crestellina is home to some of the most amazing fincas on the Costa del Sol, Casares pueblo has a truly wonderful charm and boasts amazing views towards the coast, the Mediterranean sea and Morocco. Apart from this, Finca Cortesín, one of Europe´s most exclusive private estates in Europe, sits in this wonderful municipality. Casares offers tranquillity, great dining out experiences and close distance to the sea.

10) Fuengirola:  International tourism in Fuengirola began in the 1960s, when it was just a seaside town close to Malaga. For decades, with the development of this industry, Fuengirola has become one of those cities of the Costa del Sol where Sol where life is vibrant throughout the year, one of the reasons why it is a very popular destination to purchase property, as well as its proximity to the airport. Since the early days of tourism there are generations of international families, mainly from Scandinavian background that decide to purchase property throughout Fuengirola, although it is very cosmopolitan.

For many clients privacy, peace and tranquillity are some of the most important aspects when searching for their perfect residence, but with so many developments on the Costa del Sol, for certain customers is difficult to understand which are the best complexes to offer this and more. Our team has come up with a list of the top 5 most peaceful and private retreats to live on the Costa del Sol, taking into account many aspects such as security, privacy, plot sizes as well as the services provided within the complex to assist everyone looking for the ultimate residence, here is our selection:

1) La Zagaleta

2) Finca Cortesín

3) La Reserva de Sotogrande

4) Sotogrande Alto

5) Real Club Valderrama

6) Monte Mayor Country Club

7) Marbella Club Resort

8) El Madroñal

9) La Quinta

10) Los Flamingos

Pro Tip:  If you are looking for a luxury property in some of the most exclusive areas of the Costa del Sol, do not hesitate to contact us directly, as not all of the listings we have for sale are published on our website or real estate portals. Some owners prefer to be discreet in their personal relationships and do not want their properties to be published on the Internet. We have many private listings available for sale in some of the most exclusive areas of the Costa del Sol and we will only send the options once we have spoken to the client and confirm that they match the client's criteria.

When considering which are the most exclusive areas of the Costa del Sol, we take into account several variables, such as price per m2, the beauty around the neighbourhood itself, types of properties found within the area, amount of construction allowed within location, amongst other criteria.

Although the Costa del Sol has many areas that are high-end neighbourhoods, the top 10 most exclusive locations to purchase a villa are:

1) La Zagaleta
2) Sierra Blanca
3) The Golden Mile
4) Los Monteros Playa
5) Sotogrande
6) Finca Cortesín
7) Los Flamingos
8) Nueva Andalucía
9) Guadalmina Baja
10) El Madroñal

Pro Tip:  If searching for a luxury property on some of the most exclusive areas of the Costa del Sol, please feel free to contact us directly, as not every listing we have for sale is published on our website or property portals. Certain home owners prefer to be discreet about their personal dealings and do not wish to have their properties published on the internet. We have many private listings available for sale in some of the most exclusive areas of the Costa del Sol and will only send the options that match the client´s criteria.

Sur Estates has access to more than 250 beachfront penthouses for sale on the Costa del Sol. Our team, which specializes in beachfront living, has come up with a list of the best 20 beachfront complexes where clients can find the most amazing penthouses available for sale on the Costa del Sol.

These exclusive properties are located in most luxurious gated developments available on the Costa del Sol and have been selected for their size, quality finishes, location, on-site services and views:

1) Emare, located in Estepona.
2) La Reserva de Los Monteros, Los Monteros, Marbella East.
3) Los Monteros Playa, Los Monteros, Marbella East.
4) Oasis Club, The Golden Mile, Marbella.
5) Doncella Beach, Estepona.
6) Los Granados, Puerto Banús, Marbella.
7) Kempinski Bahía, Private Wing, Estepona.
8) Cabo Bermejo, The New Golden Mile, Estepona.
9) Malibu, Puerto Banús, Marbella.
10) The Edge, Estepona.
11) Ventura del Mar, Puerto Banús, Marbella.
12) Torre Bermeja, The New Golden Mile, Estepona.
13) Los Granados del Mar, Estepona.
14) La Morera Playa, Los Monteros, Marbella East.
15) Oasis de Banús, The Golden Mile, Marbella.
16) Morera Playa, Los Monteros, Marbella East.
17) Gran Marbella, Marbella.
18) Marina Mariola, Marbella.
19) Gray d´Albion, Puerto Banús.
20) Menara Beach, New Golden Mile, Estepona.

Pro Tip:  When searching for the ultimate beachfront penthouse on the Costa del Sol, contact us directly, as many of the properties we have for sale are not published on the website or property portals. We will be more than happy to send you the best possible selection.

The Costa del Sol is a popular destination for property buyers looking to purchase new build properties. There are many areas that have excellent investment potential and offer fantastic lifestyles, but which are the best? Our team has put together a list of the top 10 areas to purchase the best new build properties on the Costa del Sol, considering types of off-plan properties offered, price and quality ratio, location of the new developments, amount of new construction offered as well as quality finishes are:

1) Estepona
2) Marbella
3) Sotogrande
4) Benahavís
5) Benálmadena
6) Mijas
7) Fuengirola
8) Manilva
9) Casares
10) Fuengirola

In all areas of the Costa del Sol clients can find excellent value for money properties, including in towns like Estepona, Benahavís and Marbella, where prices per m2 are higher than other areas of the coast.

When considering which are the top 10 most affordable areas on the Costa del Sol our team has analysed the prices all over the Costa del Sol, but to give an idea to our readers about prices, we publish information on apartments consisting of at least 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with terrace space and communal swimming pool, to be able to come with a list of the top 10 most affordable areas by towns or cities on the Costa del Sol:

1) Manilva: This is the town of the Costa del Sol where clients can find more areas with affordable property prices. In Manilva clients can find 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms apartments for as little as €100.000, plus buying costs. From Punta Chullera, passing through La Duquesa and all the way to San Luis de Sabinillas, clients can find some of the best value for money of the whole Costa del Sol. Apartments in this area with sea views start at about €130.000, so do 3 bedroom apartments within walking distance to the beach. This is why Manilva is the cheapest coastal town of the Costa del Sol to buy property.

2) Casares: Casares Costa, also known as Casares Playa, represents a relatively small strip of costal line, but it boasts some excellent value for money properties. Apartments consisting of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms are on the market as little as €120.000, yet located within close distance to the beach and the beautiful Torre La Sal area.

3) Mijas: Mijas is a large town and it boats many affordable properties especially in Mijas Pueblo, Las Lagunas de Mijas (which is very close to Fuengirola), campo Mijas and Mijas Golf. Wonderful 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms apartments can be found in this area from € 140.000

4) Fuengirola: Fuengirola is a place where we find both international and national buyers coming from Andalucia, especially from the town of Cordoba, one of the reasons being is the affordable property prices we can find in different areas of the town such as Los Boliches, Los Pacos and Torreblanca del Sol where property prices for a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment can be found at around €145.000.

5) Mijas Costa: Riviera del Sol is one of the best places on the Costa del Sol to find affordable properties for sale. This location is very popular amongst British expats as well as Scandinavian clients as it is possible to find wonderful 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms apartments with communal swimming pool and lovely terrace from around €145.000. Great options can be also found in Calypso and Calahonda, as well as El Faro and Miraflores.

6) Torremolinos: Torremolinos has been popular since the beginning of tourism on the Costa del Sol due to its proximity to Malaga town and airport. The areas where we can find best value for money in Torremolinos are El Banjodillo, La Carihuela, La Colina, El Pinar and El Romeral. Here 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms apartments start in the region of €150.000.

7) Benálmadena: The best tip on finding affordable homes in Benálmadena is to go away from the beach. The best value for money properties are found in areas close to Benálmadena pueblo, which is just a few minutes’ drive from the beach. Great holiday homes apartments consisting of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms can be found for around €160.000.

8) Benahavís: Benahavís is a great location to purchase affordable properties, as it is a town with a very large amount of land, which offers some of the most exclusive residences in the whole of Spain, but at the same time, buyers can find some amazing property deals. In Benahavís, which is considered by many the gastronomic capital of the Costa del Sol, buyers can find 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms apartments from €170.000 in town and below €200.000 in one of the several golf courses like los Arqueros.

9) Estepona: When wanting to purchase affordable properties in Estepona, clients have several options. For golfers, the best way forward is to look at properties in the Valle Romano area or Estepona Golf. Both options, offer clients to purchase 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms apartments in gated communities with swimming pool located near the golf, 5 minutes’ drive to the beach and about 7 minutes’ drive from Estepona centre from starting price of €140.000. Those client who prefer to purchase close to Puerto Banús with an affordable budget, can concentrate in the west area of Estepona, which is just 5 minutes’ drive from Puerto Banús and 7 minutes’ drive from the Marbella´s Golden Mile (being much closer to these areas if one was purchasing on the eastern part of Marbella) for as little as €160.000 for a similar apartment to the characteristics mentioned above. Another great area located between Estepona and Marbella, close to the New Golden Mile is Selwo, here 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms apartments in a gated complex with lift and communal swimming pools start at €150.000.

10) Marbella: Not many people would think that Marbella has areas where properties are affordable, but any client wanting to purchase a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment in this wonderful town can find amazing deals starting at around €175.000 plus buying costs in areas of Marbella east like Las Chapas, Artola, Costabella, as well as Elviria, this is a great area to focus on when wanting to purchase affordable properties Marbella.

Many people move to the Costa del Sol permanently because living here offers a variety of benefits rarely found in other locations, not just in Spain but in the whole of Europe.  People move to Costa del Sol permanently because they can telework, it has a great climate, security, excellent public health services, great international schools, affordable property prices, one of the best lifestyles people can find and has great flight connections to all mayor European cities.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding placing an offer on a property in Estepona, Marbella and prime Costa del Sol locations:

Sur Estates has been instrumental in facilitating the realization of countless families' dreams by assisting them in finding their ideal homes and successfully navigating the process of submitting and having offers on properties accepted. In an endeavor to disseminate our team's extensive expertise, we have taken the initiative to offer valuable insights to our clients. Here, we present our meticulously curated compilation of the top 10 tips for securing a successful offer on a property:

1) Exercise pragmatism when formulating your offer price, taking into account market realities and property valuations.

2) Clearly communicate your preferred method of payment to the vendor, outlining whether it will be in the form of cash, a pre-approved mortgage, or an alternative arrangement.

3) Demonstrate your commitment by promptly offering an earnest money deposit upon acceptance, reinforcing your seriousness as a buyer.

4) Enhance the appeal of your offer by proposing a reasonably swift completion date, highlighting your readiness to proceed efficiently.

5) Maintain focus and refrain from simultaneously submitting offers on multiple properties, as it may undermine your credibility and commitment.

6) Entrust the negotiation process to a seasoned real estate agent who can adeptly represent your interests and facilitate effective communication.

7) Manifest your commitment by documenting your offer in writing, ideally accompanied by a reservation document, conveying your intent with clarity.

8) If your offer encompasses furniture or personal belongings, exhibit flexibility by allowing the vendors to retain items of significance to them.

9) Assure the vendor that your appointed solicitor will diligently conduct all necessary legal searches on the property, providing reassurance and efficiency.

10) Demonstrate adaptability in terms of the completion date, accommodating the vendor's requirements whenever feasible to foster a favorable outcome.

Property owners are as unique and varied as the houses themselves, so it is hard to give a general answer for such a large variety of cases.

Vendors who own properties on the Costa del Sol are all different from one another- they have varying backgrounds, motivations behind selling their property and personal circumstances which vary depending on what type of house it is in terms of location, condition etc., so answering this question generically has proved challenging at best with some variance between case studies.

We'll find you the best deal on your next home on the Costa del Sol.

When the perfect home is found, our team of experts will help you make an offer that's 5% to 10% below asking price, depending on vendor and other factors. The final decision is always up to the seller but we're confident our reasonable offers will get their attention and increase your chances of success!

Making an offer on a property is the first step in buying a home. It can be hard to know how much you should pay, and whether or not your offer will be accepted.

Most people don't realize that making an offer too low may result in having it rejected outright by the owners and perhaps the vendors not wanting to continue the negotiation process with that particular buyer.

Sur Estates helps with this process by providing market insight so sellers can see what their house is worth today in comparison to similar properties nearby and buyers can see how much they should be willing to pay for a certain property based on its location, size, amenities, etc. This information helps both parties reach an agreement faster as there are no surprises when it comes time to negotiate.

In the world of real estate, this is a common question. There are many reasons to pay a reservation deposit and sign a reservation contract. Here are the top 5 reasons:

1) It takes the property off the market so that no other buyers can place offers on the same property.
2) It’s an excellent way of determining how serious a client is as a potential buyer.
3) It's also a good way for the seller to protect themselves from someone who might back out at a later stage.
4) It sets the price, terms and conditions of the purchase.
5) Its gives the buyer the peace of mind while carrying the due diligence.

Yes, should there be any issue with a property, for instance the actual volumes and dimensions of the property not duly registered, in the event of a legal problem with the property that makes the transaction impossible or with the vendor not fulfilling the terms and conditions of the reservation contract.  On the other hand, if there are any special offer contingencies such as “subject to mortgage approval” are these are not met, the deposit is fully refundable.  

Yes, a bank transfer is good method to take a property off the market, whether the buyer is purchasing a resale property or a new build home. When purchasing a resale property bank transfers are made to the buyer´s solicitor escrow account or the estate agents’ client account and a copy of the bank transfer is sent to the vendor as a proof of payment. When purchasing a new build property, generally speaking, the bank transfer has to be made to the developers´ account.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the property purchase process in Estepona, Marbella and prime Costa del Sol locations:

Buying property on the Costa del Sol can be a complicated process, but not with Sur Estates.

We make it easy to find the perfect property for you and your family by providing all the information you need about Costa del Sol properties on our website. You can search through all of our listings, use filters to narrow down your options based on what’s important to you or let us help you with the property search by sending you only suitable options. Once you find something that looks good, we will provide more detailed information about the property and help guide you through the purchase process from start to finish.

Our goal is to make buying property as easy as possible so that when it comes time for us to meet up in person; we know everything has been taken care of beforehand. That way there are no surprises or unexpected costs at closing time. And if anything does go wrong along the way, we have an experienced team ready and waiting who will take care of any problems immediately so that they don't become bigger issues later on down the line.

Contact us today and see how much easier buying real estate on the Costa del Sol can be!

The property process can be simple. At Sur Estates we assist the clients throughout the whole buying process. Here is our successful 10 step guide:

1) Initial home search on website or by sending us your property requirements and obtaining the best possible options.
2) Assistance with more information on selected properties from our team.
3) Property viewings until we find your perfect home.
4) Assistance with finance and/or foreign exchange, if necessary.
5) Choosing a property and making an offer.
6) Select a solicitor for the due diligence.
7) Take the property off market.
8) Sign a private purchase contract.
9) Complete on the property.
10) Obtain second to none assistance with our free after-sales service.

Yes, after the due diligence has been carried, the earnest deposit is transferred to either a vendor or their solicitor.

After the deposit has been paid, if any of the parties involved decides not to continue with this purchase two things can happen:

If it's the buyer who doesn't want to carry out the contract he will lose all amounts paid as an earnest deposit. Conversely, if its seller that does not want to continue with sale they will return double what was originally agreed upon as a penitential deposit.

Yes, going from the signing of a reservation document and payment of earnest money deposit to signing title deeds is quite a common practice for quick completions. Sometimes buyers wish to occupy the property as soon as their solicitors have carried the due diligence, in those cases this practice in considered normal and can save time.  In cases where the completion date is standard, usually a month or month and a half, we recommend signing a Private Purchase Contract prior to completion.

Yes, the purchase process on the Costa del Sol is similar if a buyer is purchasing a resale property or a new build home.

There are three stages in the purchase process:

- Deposit (to take the property off market).
- Private Purchase Contract (setting in more specific manner the terms and conditions outlined during the reservation contract).
- Completion (the buyer pays the balance and obtains the keys to the property).

Pro Tip:  The above mentioned process is the most common procedure used on the Costa del Sol to purchase property, however, other approaches such as going from deposit payment to completion may be used if previous negotiated and agreed by the vendors.

Purchasing a property 'subject to mortgage approval' means that the purchase operation is dependent on obtaining a satisfactory mortgage on behalf of the buyer. The best 10 tips to purchasing a property “subject to mortgage” on the Costa del Sol are:

1) Make sure you qualify for a mortgage before viewing properties (this will save the buyer time in case they cannot obtain finance or know the exact amount of funds that can be borrowed).
2) Put the required paperwork in order for the bank: Present your latest tax returns, (P60 for the UK, Déclarations de Revenus in France, Declaración de la Renta in Spain, Notice of assessment for Ireland, Skattedeklaration for Sweden, Ligning for Norway), 3 latest pay slips, Experian credit report or similar, 3 latest bank statements and passport to obtain a pre-approved mortgage.
3) Contact a financial advisor or different banks to obtain more than a mortgage offer to compare.
4) Decide which bank will be assisting with finance to purchase a property.

5) Open a bank account with the bank that will do the finance as soon as possible, so that a bank valuation can be ordered as soon as the client finds their dream home.

6) Start viewing properties.

7) When the perfect home is found, let the vendor know that you are purchasing “subject to mortgage” when placing an offer if it is a resale. Check with the developer their mortgage offers if purchasing off-plan.

8) Once the terms and conditions of the purchase have been agreed, sign the reservation document and request a bank valuation as soon as possible as it normally takes at least a couple of weeks to obtain the bank valuation back.

9) Sign the Private Purchase Contract as soon as you the bank valuation is back and the buyer has been assured that the mortgage has been granted, but take into consideration the time required to process the mortgage (and remember to add ten extra days which are required by law to consider the mortgage offer).

10) Since 16th of June 2019, a new mortgage law came into place in Spain (and the rest of EU member states) to improve the transparency and behaviour of mortgage lenders, as well as to protect buyers. Two documents need to be signed 10 days before completion in front of the notary the FEIN (European Standardised Information Sheet) and the FiAE (Standardised Warning Sheet), so that the buyer can understand and consider all the terms and conditions of the mortgage. The buyer will be asked by the notary a series of questions to make sure the borrower has been explained all the conditions of the mortgage and understands all the mortgage documentation, take this opportunity in front of the notary to clarify any possible doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding teleworking in Estepona, Marbella and prime Costa del Sol locations:

Many foreigners want to work remotely on the Costa del Sol, but they are not sure if it is possible. The Golden Visa program that Spain has in place makes this dream a reality for many people.

If you're one of those people who would like to live and work remotely on the Costa del Sol, then you will be happy to know that there is an option for you!

The Spanish government offers a program called “The Golden Visa” which permits non-EU residents to purchase real estate in Spain with no residency requirement or minimum time limit imposed by law. This means that foreign nationals can acquire their own property in Spain and telework. It's perfect for telecommuters!

Nowadays, technology allows us all kinds of flexibility when it comes to working from home and this area offers great weather all year round, beautiful beaches and plenty of opportunities for digital nomads.

The Costa del Sol is an amazing place to live. It’s sunny all year round, and there are plenty of things to do in the region. You can enjoy great food, beautiful beaches, lovely culture and even take part in some exciting sports like golf, trekking, kite-surfing and even skiing in winter in Sierra Nevada which is just 2 hours’ drive away.

The Costa del Sol is a safe place to live, has an excellent health infrastructure and great international schools for children. And if you want to travel during your time here, it’s easy with Malaga or Gibraltar airports which are located less than an hour away from any Costa del Sol city and greatly connect to all major European cities.

With more 325 days of sunshine every year, this is one of the best places in Europe for telework! Enjoy living on the beach with your family while working remotely from anywhere else in Europe thanks to our high speed internet connection and reliable phone line service. Our team will help you find a property that fits your needs perfectly so that you can focus on what matters most – building a life here at the Costa del Sol!

Contact us today about purchasing a property to telework from the Costa del Sol.

The top ten reasons why the Costa del Sol is the perfect destination to telework are:

1) Very affordable flights and great connections to all major European cities, amongst other destinations. Malaga Airport has more than direct flights to 151 cities in 35 countries. Gibraltar offers direct flights to Edinburgh, Bristol, London and Manchester.

2) Average of 325 days of sunshine a year.

3) Great Mediterranean climate, about 28 °C (82 °F) average daily max temperatures in June and September, July and August with around 31 °C (87.8 °F) of average daily max temperatures. January is the coldest time of the year, with the average daily temperatures at around 17 °C (62.6°F).

4) Very affordable property prices.

5) Excellent private and public health systems.

6) Great health facilities and services both in the public and private sector.

7) There are great public, private and more than 30 international schools on the Costa del Sol covering English, French, German, Montessori, Norwegian and Swedish curriculums.

8) Amazing selection of outdoor activities and sports, some of the most popular include golfing in over 50 golf courses in the region, sailing, trekking, kite surfing, running, football and skiing in winter months.

9) The Costa del Sol is a safe and secure place to live.

10) The Costa del Sol offers a great lifestyle, wonderful culture and amazing Mediterranean cuisine, amongst other culinary options.

The requirements to telework from the Costa del Sol are:

- Investment of 500.000 Euros (Free of charges, encumbrances or seizures) in Real Estate Market.

- Invest 2.000.000 in Spanish Funds.

- Invest 1.000.000 in shares of Spanish Company.

- Invest 1.000.000 in Deposits of a Spanish Bank entity.

When purchasing a property to be able to telework from, there are many factors that need to be considered.

You want your new place to be in an area where you can get the best internet connection possible and have dedicated office space for when you work from home. It’s also important that the property is not located too far from the airport so commuting is easy and convenient. If you have children, then having outdoor space for them to play will help keep them occupied during long days at work. With children, the school´s location should also be taken into account. And finally, if you love tranquillity or great views, then these things should definitely factor into your decision-making process as well.

There are so many homes out there on the market today but not all of them are perfect for teleworking professionals who want their new place to have everything they need in order to stay productive while working from home every day. That’s why we recommend creating your own list of requirements when thinking of purchasing a property to telework - it could make all the difference.

Contact us today with your list of considerations when purchasing a property and we will send you a selection of the best possible options available according to your search requirements.

Pro Tip:  We have a great selection of new build complexes with co-working spaces or spaces dedicated to meetings and reunions where property owners can work from without leaving their complex. Villas are also great for teleworking as well and quite affordable on the Costa del Sol, so feel free to contact us to obtain the best possible property selections.

In order to apply for a Golden Visa in Spain based on the purchase of a real estate asset (or assets can be more than one, residential, commercial or both) to telework, the requirements are:

- Purchase price of real estate asset must be of at least €500,000, as we well as the purchase process has to be completed. Buyers and their families will qualify for the Golden Visa once the titled deed is signed and registered at the Land Registry.

- A clean criminal record certificate which has to be legalized (and translated if necessary) for the main investor (also for husband or wife if they are married are required), this is not necessary for their children.

- A private health insurance with full coverage issued by a Spanish insurance company is required for all family members, including children under the age of 18.
- A proof of enough sources for maintenance (sufficient funds for your stay), being enough to present a bank certificate with a balance equal or higher than 26.000 euros for the main investor, and additional 6.500 euros for each member of the family (including children) per year are also a requirement to apply for the residence permit.

- A proof of relationship (marriage certificate) with the Apostille from The Hague is also required for the husband or wife if they are also applying for the Golden Visa.

- A legalized birth certificate for each family member applying for the Golden Visa is also a requirement.

Pro Tip:  The Golden Visa can be applied in Spain, being necessary that the people applying for it are in the country at the time of application.

Unlock the dream of owning a home in Estepona, Marbella and prime Costa del Sol locations

Do you have any questions that have not been covered here?  Our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way. From providing guidance to answering inquiries, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the process of buying your property in the stunning Costa del Sol. Start your journey towards a successful purchase today, and take the first step towards turning your dream into reality!

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