Horizon Beach

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Horizon Beach is a luxury beachfront complex located in Estepona which has just 36 amazing apartments and penthouses.  This complex it’s well known for having a very private environment and direct access to a beach called Galera Beach, which is 2 km long and extremely tranquil even in the summer months.  From the communal areas the sand is only a few steps away and from any part of the development or from any of the apartments you will have the most amazing sea views towards the Mediterranean and/or the strait of Gibraltar.

This complex was built in 2014 by one of the largest construction companies in the United Kingdom, Taylor Wimpey, renowned for its quality and luxury complexes throughout Spain and the United Kingdom, amongst many other countries. Taylor Wimpey has been building and improving their designs for more than 30 years in Spain alone.  They have built extremely popular complexes in areas like Los Arqueros Golf and La Cala Golf.

Horizon Beach consists of 36 apartments divided into 3 blocks, with 4 levels in height and just 12 apartments per block. Most apartments have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. These high quality apartments have been designed to maximize light entrance into the properties and designed in such way, that internal space is maximized by implementing a very modern design, everything done in a way to offer the most extraordinary views from any of the apartments.  All of this, together with a very peaceful setting offers its residents an extraordinary feeling of freedom.

In Horizon Beach, there are properties oriented to the southeast, properties oriented to the southwest and others completely oriented to the south. All the properties of this luxury urbanization have been very well studied in order to have as much sun exposure as possible. Each orientation is excellent. These modern apartments are also equipped with high quality heating and air conditioning, luxurious open kitchens and very spacious bathrooms.

Horizon Beach is ideally located 10 minutes from the Estepona Marina and the historic center of Estepona where you can discover a typical Andalusian lifestyle. Horizon Beach is very close to a wide variety of activities, from golf courses to several tourist attractions, to bars, restaurants and all sorts of facilities.

Sur Estates, leading real estate agency based in the port of Estepona, are a specialist in the sale and rental of apartments and penthouses in Horizon Beach. If you are interested in buying, renting or selling a home in Horizon Beach, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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Urbanización Seghers, Estepona. Sur Estates © 2018 All rights Reserved.

The Seghers Urbanization (within the Puerto de Estepona Urbanization) is a residential complex located within the urban area of ​​Estepona, in the western area of ​​the city’s marina, just behind the Cristo beach.

This area was inaugurated in the seventies, with the intention of creating a Mediterranean-style village with bungalows and apartments (from studios to 3-bedroom apartments) distributed in green areas, among the predominant vegetation made of Mediterranean pine trees. The idea of ​​the developers, against the speculative tendency of the time, was to create an urbanization where the low density and low height predominated, with a Scandinavian touch.

Since those years we find, in the east zone of the Seghers Urbanization, between the Avenue of the Frutales, Calle del Naranjo and Calle del Peral, also passing through the Calle del Plátano the following complexes:

Aldea Alegría, Aldea del Corazón, Aldea Dulcinea, Aldea Gitana, Aldea de la Luna, Aldea del Mar, Clown Village, Romantic Village, Aldea de la Sierra, Aldea del Sol, Aldea Tropicana, Aldea Virgen, Los Pinares, Los Naranjos, Las Casas de Salavieja, Balcones de Seghers, El Pinar del Seghers, Seghers Park and the Aguamarina Urbanization.

These were the first complexes to be built in the Seghers Urbanization and are still very popular with local buyers and foreigners for their beautiful views, tranquility and closeness to the city.

In the Seghers Urbanization there is a sports center called Babylon, which has an Olympic size pool with trampoline and 2 more swimming pools, a yoga studio, a pilates studio, diving center, a chiringuito and a bar where they serve a variety of dishes. tapas and typical foods. In the area we also find a nursery school, known as “School Kindergarten Seghers”, in addition the Local Police Department of Estepona.

In the western part of the Seghers Urbanization there are two luxury complexes composed of very spacious townhouses and also with wonderful sea views, Altos de Guadalobón with 3 or 4 bedroom townhouses and Jardines de la Bahía with 5 or 6 bedrooms. These homes are also very sought after for its excellent location, size and quality in its construction.

In the heart of the Seghers Urbanization, we also find more than 120 luxury villas, located between large avenues, very quiet and with beautiful vegetation and fantastic views towards the Mediterranean.

The quality of construction, the surroundings and its short walking distance from the Playa del Cristo and the Estepona Marina, make the Seghers Urbanization one of the best areas to own a luxury villa in Estepona, both to reside in it the year or as for second residences.

All these factors mean that there are not many plots available for sale in Seghers and that the resale market in the Seghers luxury villas is in high demand and relatively small, given that those who own a home there are delighted with the environment. For these reasons it is very difficult to find a large number of villas for sale in the Seghers Urbanization.

Sur Estates, the leading real estate agency in Estepona, specializes in the sale of properties in Seghers, if you are thinking of renting, buying, or selling an apartment, a penthouse, a plot or a villa in Seghers, do not hesitate to contact us today or visit us at our office in the Port of Estepona.

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Belgravia Club

Belgravia Club

Belgravia Club is a beachfront luxury development located on Avenida del Carmen, just outside Estepona port.  It is considered one of the best developments to live in within the Marina of Estepona.  In the 1950s, there used to be a villa sitting on the grounds, which was replaced by this marvelous complex which was finished in 1989.

In the spacious communal areas, which are decorated with beautiful fountains, courtyards and gardens, you can still find some of the original vegetation, like the mature palm or pine trees.  In the communal grounds there is a superb swimming pool, which is open from 10:00am until 11:00pm and surrounded by several sun loungers.  These are ideal, whether you wish to sunbathe or read a book in the shade of many of the mature trees.  Owners at Belgravia Club and guests alike, can also use and enjoy the barbecue area which provides an outstanding outdoor dining experience.

The complex is made of 46 spacious and luxurious townhouses, 18 of them which sit in a beachfront position and offer incredible views towards the sea, the marina, Gibraltar and the Moroccan coast.  These townhouses can have up to 5 bedrooms.  Normally most of the townhouses in Belgravia Club are south facing properties, some being south-east facing and only three are west facing.

In Belgravia Club you will also find 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments.

Belgravia Club has the advantage of being one of the few developments within Estepona town to be in a gated complex, with private swimming pool, private parking and still being one of the quieter urbanizations so close to the Marina.

Belgravia Club is located within 300 meters to the Marina and surrounded by two blue flags beaches, Playa del Cristo and Playa de la Rada.  Less than 5 minutes’ walk from this low-rise complex there are two supermarkets, the Supersol which is located just across the road and the SuperCor, which is a little more expensive, but is open every day of the week from 9.00 AM to 2:00 AM.

The marina offers a wide variety of bars and restaurants, here you can find all sorts of local and international foods, from traditional Andalusian fish restaurant, to Belgians, Chinese, Italians, Dutch, British, fusion cuisine, tapas, etc.  There are also several bars, including a few Irish and traditional Spanish bars.  Within the port, you will also find the Royal Nautical Club (Real Club Náutico de Estepona) which offers several sea related activities.

Sur Estates, a real estate agency based in Estepona port, are specialists in the sale and rental of townhouses and apartments in Belgravia Club. If you are a property owner who wishes to sell, a client who wishes to purchase or a person want to rent a property in Belgravia Club, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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Ruta de los Fruteros – © 2018 Sur Estates

The weekend of the 5 th, 6 th and 7th of October 2018 took place the Xth Edition of the “Ruta de los Fruteros” (the Route of the Fruit Merchants) between Estepona and Ceuta.
What is la Ruta de Los Fruteros?

“La Ruta de los Fruteros” (the route of the fruit merchants) is a nautical event that was brought back to life by members of the Real Club Náutico de Estepona (The Royal Nautical Club of Estepona) with aim to recreate the nautical journeys of those intrepid merchants from Estepona that during the XVIIIth, XIXth and beginning of the XXth century, used to sail to sell local products (mainly fruits and vegetables) to the city of Ceuta located on the tip of the African coast, just across the Strait of Gibraltar.

During the XVIIIth, XIXth and beginning of the XXth centuries tradesmen from Estepona used to enter the strait of Gibraltar on very fragile boats, to create a new point of commerce for the town of Estepona.

Tradesmen from Estepona used to export mainly medlars, lupin, lemon, oranges, figs and olive oil amongst other products from the local farms. Whistle in Ceuta, they would purchase all types of salted fish to sell once they reached Estepona again.

In those days Estepona did not have a port, so the sailing boats would leave from La Rada Beach in the center of town. These boats were built in local shipyards, used to measure between 10 and 12 meters (32 to 39 feet) and have Latin sails. There was a period in history when more that 100 sailing boats would trade between Estepona and Ceuta.
The journey in those days, as it is today, was very difficult due to the strong currents of the strait of Gibraltar and the two predominating winds, Levante (East wind blows from the Alborán Sea to the Strait of Gibraltar) and Poniente (West wind which blows from the Atlantic Ocean to the Strait of Gibraltar).

For these tradesmen and sailors, the journey on sailing boats wasn’t easy; they couldn’t just draw a straight line and sail to Ceuta. Due to the weather conditions, they would have to sail from Estepona, pass the Gibraltar and often having to reach as far as Tarifa in order to be able to make the crossing of the Strait and be able to sail back Ceuta, without missing the town due to the currents and winds.

Think year the Xth Ruta de Los Fruteros took place the first weekend of October. The Director and members of Sur Estates (Real Estate Agency in Estepona) were invited by the RCNE (The Royal Nautical Club of Estepona) to join the regatta.

The event started Friday evening with a cocktail presentation in the The Royal Nautical Club of Estepona. Here captains of the boats discussed they journey and presented the planning of the whole weekend.

The chosen regatta method was the traditional Travesía en Conserva (canned sailing) emulating the traditional method of transportation. Sailing in Conserva, like they used to originally travel, meant that all the boats were sailing together, one next to the other, like sardines placed in a can for conservation (conserva). This type of sailing was the method used for many centuries for two main reasons, to provide assistance between the vessels in case of problems while sailing and secondly to avoid any possible piracy attack.
On Saturday morning, about 70 participants met at the Royal Nautical Club of Estepona for breakfast and final briefing. All the participants met with their vessels in front La Rada beach and after a siren signal, a total of 14 boats, both sailing and engine vessels started their journey towards Ceuta.

The winds from Levante made it quite a pleasant journey, although crossing the strait is never easy. The sailing boats took between 5 and 7 hours to cover the 35 nautical miles.
In the afternoon the Board of Tourism of the city of Ceuta invited all participants to a tour of the beautiful city. A dinner was held at the Restaurant El Cielo. Here the President and Vice President of the RCN CAS de Ceuta (Royal Nautic Club of Ceuta), Mr. Julio Sillero and Mr. Ignacio Tendero offered to Mr. Manuel Pavón (new President of RCNE) a Ceitil (a coin from the city of Ceuta with Portuguese origins) as a sign of hospitality between both sailing clubs.

On Sunday, the journey back from Ceuta to Estepona was carried with very strong winds and high waves coming from Poniente wind. While crossing the strait the waves were reaching at times more than two meters (6,5 feet) in height and challenging all boats.

The tenth anniversary of La Ruta de Los Fruteros was a truly unforgettable experience, taught us a lot about local history, traditions, fraternity and all the beauty involved in the world of sailing. From here, Mr. Max Cignetti, would like to thank Mr. Antonio Simón Sánchez, not just his yacht professor and a true reference in the nautical world here in Spain, but also for his invitation, for sharing his vast knowledge and for the wonderful time spent this journey.

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Menara Beach (Large)

Menara Beach – © 2018 Sur Estates

The Urbanization Menara Beach is a luxury residential complex that is situated on the beachfront on the New Golden Mile of the Costa del Sol, exactly on the Guadalmansa Beach in Estepona.

The Guadalmansa Beach is located 10 kilometers from the center of Estepona and about 11 kilometers from Puerto Banús.

This beach is perfect for those residents or visitors who want to escape the crowds of some beaches in the summer months. Guadalmansa Beach also has a very spacious green area, perfectly maintained, where we find a magnificent watchtower known as the “Tower of Guadalmansa” that was built in the 10th century by Muslims, this being one of the seven watchtowers that we find in Estepona. With its 14 meters of height, said tower is one of the most beautiful of all the coast of Malaga.

The beach of Guadalmansa has a very large parking area, a restaurant and several beach bars where you can rent umbrellas, hammocks and sun loungers. In it we also find showers and public toilets, as well as an area enabled for water sport activities such as canoeing, kite surfing and sailing.

This exclusive development on the beachfront was completed in 2002 and bears the signature of Melvin Villaroel Roldan, one of the most renowned architects in Spain, renowned for his avant-garde designs and creator of some of the most exclusive developments on the Costa del Sol.

The Urbanization Menara Beach is composed of 21 blocks, divided into 3 zones and built in the shape of “Y”. These blocks have a maximum height of 4 floors. Menara Beach consists of 105 luxury apartments in which we find apartments on the ground floor with private garden, on the first floor with very large terraces and duplex penthouses. Each block has 5 homes, 2 on the ground floor, 2 on the first floor and above the duplex penthouses, so all apartments are usually very private, since at most they have only one neighbor next door per block.

The apartments in Menara Beach are positioned in three different orientations.

We have southeast facing homes, southwest facing properties and south facing estates. All the houses in this luxury complex are very bright and the architects studied the land very well to position the houses so that you have the greatest exposure to the sun, so any orientation is excellent.

The difference between the orientations that we find is that the homes oriented to the southeast, usually have morning light, from dawn to 1:00 pm/2:00pm depending on the time of year. This orientation is very advantageous especially in the summer months, since there is usually shade in the afternoon when it is warmer. This orientation is usually preferred among Spanish owners or people who reside on the Costa del Sol throughout the year.

The apartments with southwest orientation usually have direct light from 11:00 am to 12:00 am depending on the time of year, until the last hour of sunset, which in summer can arrive until 10:30 pm. This orientation is usually preferred by non-resident and foreign owners, since sun exposure is greater and they usually want to make the most of sunny hours on their terraces. These apartments are especially nice in the winter months, when the sun is usually lower and not as strong.

The properties with south orientation in Menara Beach are very few and usually face the sea. Although the idea of having a south orientation is usually related to “having sun in the house all day”, the apartments in this urbanization of the luxury oriented to the south, usually have sun from 9:00 am/10:00am, to the 7:00 pm/8:00pm depending on the time of year.
The apartments in Menara Beach are very spacious; the smallest are 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with an area of 157m2 built (122m2 of housing plus 35m2 of terrace). The duplex penthouses of 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms are usually the most spacious and have a total area of 288m2 (188m2 of housing plus 80m2 of terrace).

In the common areas of the complex we find 3 swimming pools. Two of them are outside and one of them has a waterfall, while the heated pool is inside with an ideal temperature all year. In the indoor pool area we also find saunas (divided for men and women), a gym, library, table tennis and vending machines for drinks and snacks. In addition, there is a summer bar where in the summer there is live music.

Menara Beach has magnificent tropical gardens with streams and ponds that lead to the sea, where the owners can enjoy stunning views of the Mediterranean, Gibraltar and the African coast.  The complex also offers a very secure environment, with video surveillance and 24-hour security.

Menara Beach offers a unique environment, ideal for those who want to live in a quiet environment and one of the most exclusive environments the Costa del Sol can offer. Sur Estates specializes in the sale, rental and purchase of apartments and penthouses in Menara Beach. If you want to sell, rent or buy a home in Menara Beach do not hesitate to contact us.